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Read PNHP blog series: “Two-thirds of Americans support Medicare-for-all”

December 7, 2009

Kip Sullivan, who writes on the Physicians for a National Health Program blog, has a new 6 part series coming out,  “Two-thirds of Americans support Medicare-for-all.” His work on what is really behind the public option movement (who he calls the “yes buts”) provided background for some of the things I have written in this blog. The new series debunks the central myth they have promoted, that fighting for single payer is politically unfeasible because Americans don’t support it.

This six-part series explores the research on American attitudes about a single-payer (or Medicare-for-all) system to evaluate the truth of the new version of the “yes but” argument. We will see that the research demonstrates that approximately two-thirds of Americans support a Medicare-for-all system despite constant attacks on Medicare and the systems of other countries by conservatives. The evidence supporting this statement is rock solid. The evidence against it – the focus group and polling “research” commissioned by the “option” movement’s founders – is defective, misinterpreted, or both.

The diversion of many progressives away from fighting for medicare for all caused by the “yes buts” in this latest health care reform round not only ensured that single payer would never have a chance. It has allowed legislators to craft a giveaway to the healthcare industries under the guise of reform. People involved  with groups like HCAN, SEIU, Health Access and others need to do some serious self examination and understand which side they are on.

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